‘Iron Man 3’ Director Shane Black Discusses ‘Romance’ With Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black, has been discussing his love and “romance” with the movie’s star, Robert Downey Jr.

The filmmaker, who worked with Downey Jr. in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and also helped to write the dialogue for the original Iron Man, was speaking to Total Film about how he began his relationship with the actor. “Robert and I go back almost 10 years to the day when we sorta locked eyes across a Whole Foods market and sorta said, ‘We should work together’,” remarked Black.

He then added, “It’s almost been like a romance with Robert, over a period of time. He knows how to push my buttons and I know how to push his, and I think that’s what makes it such a joy. I owe a great deal of thanks to this man who will be gracious enough to say I’ve helped him with his career and comeback, but it’s every bit the opposite.”

Recently Black also discussed the complications he has encountered with the third instalment of the film. “It is always complicated to deal with a third part,” Black started. “Your job is first to answer this question: what remains to tell this story? The challenge is that your film is not just a new episode of the adventures of Iron Man, but the continuation of something, a new chapter had to be told.”

Black also revealed that he hopes to keep Robert Downey Jr. on for a fourth film, despite the fact that his contract is now complete. “There has been a lot of discussion about it: ‘Is this the last Iron Man for Robert?’ Something tells me that it will not be the case, and he will be seen in a fourth, or fifth … But I can be a little excited.”

Are you looking forward to Iron Man 3?