Yaslen Clemente Puts Smoking Booty On Display In Glutes Workout

Instagram model Yaslen Clemente took to the popular social media platform to post a workout video in which she trained her glute muscles at the gym.

For the routine, the model wore a gray and black tank top made of a stretchy material that clung to her curves. The top featured a half-strapless design, leaving one arm and shoulder completely exposed. Yaslen wore a pair of lavender leggings on her lower half, drawing attention to her sculpted backside and muscular legs. She chose a pair of white, gray, and orange sneakers for footwear and wore her blond tresses pulled back into a low bun. She added a pair of ankle weights for added resistance.

The workout took place at a gym where Yaslen made use of a variety of specialized equipment, including a cable machine, incline bench, and step machine. She demonstrated a total of three exercises, each split into an individual clip in the post.

Yaslen began the routine with cable bench donkey kick backs. She positioned her body on all fours on a bench with a cable attached to one foot. The move required her to extend her leg behind her and then up toward the ceiling. She repeated the move several times on one leg before switching to the other.

In the second slide, Yaslen demonstrated glute push downs, using a piece of equipment that was similar to a step machine. She placed one foot on a metal plank that was attached to a block of adjustable weights and then pushed down. She let the step rise back up and then repeated the movement. Yaslen’s booty was the highlight of this video as she flexed her glute muscles with each rep.

The final exercise in the circuit was similar to the first but instead of the donkey kick back, Yaslen performed a regular kick back. She kept her leg straight while extending it back and up behind her.

In the caption of the post, Yaslen told her 2 million followers that she loves implementing the three demonstrated exercises on her glute-focused lower body days. She added a message for her fans to click on the link in her bio for custom diet and exercise plans.

The video set earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first few hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

“Yessss booty queen,” one Instagram user commented.

“Killing it babe,” another wrote.

“You are my motivation!” yet one more fan chimed in.

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