Michelle Obama Shares Heartfelt Post To Celebrate Barack’s Birthday

Michelle Obama shared a sweet birthday message and photo today for her husband, Barack Obama, to celebrate the former president’s 59th birthday. The photo featured the couple along with their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, posing on a beach. In the caption, Michelle described Barack as her favorite guy.

In the photo, the family was standing on a rocky cliff beside the water on a clear day, with the couple’s youngest daughter being held in the arms of her father. The Obamas were dressed casually, with Barack sporting a gray polo shirt and khakis and his wife wearing a floral-design tank top. Michelle was also wearing both a watch and a necklace while holding what appears to be a water bottle, with the logo being buffed out after the fact. All four Obamas were looking directly at the camera and flashing big grins for the unidentified photographer.

The image appeared to be somewhat dated, perhaps taken even before Barack was officially sworn in as 44th president in 2009. Along with their mother and father, the two children, now 22 and 19 years old, were notably younger looking. Barack’s head was free of any of the gray hairs which began to sprout up toward the end of his presidency.

After nearly 28 years of marriage, Michelle looked ahead to their future with brimming positivity in her note. She referenced all of the “good days, blue skies, and new adventures” which await the two of them as they continue to grow old together.

The post was adored by her followers, which includes 40.8 million on Instagram and 16.3 million on Twitter. At the time of publishing, the post had over 2 million “likes” on her Instagram page.

“Thank GOD for this man’s birth,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Happy Birthday to the one and only president to mention! Stay safe and enjoy your moments,” commented another follower.

A Twitter follower described the Obamas as the greatest first family in U.S. history while sharing an image collage of Obama’s eight years in office much to the delight of many other followers.

Barack recently appeared in the public eye when he gave a passionate eulogy at the funeral of civil rights leader and Georgia House Rep. John Lewis last week in Atlanta. Obama credited Lewis with being an inspiration to him and one of the reasons for his political career. The former commander-in-chief said Lewis “didn’t sit out any fight” in his stirring tribute.

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