Kim French Shows Incredible Fitness Transformation From Postpartum Mom To Muscular Bombshell

Fitness model Kim French took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday, August 3, to post a three-part transformation photo set that showed her progress across four years.

The fitness trainer’s journey started in July of 2016 at three months postpartum. She chronicled the changes in her body across the following four years. The second snap was taken in September of 2016, just a couple months after she began training, while the third photo was taken recently and shows just how far she has come.

The three photos were displayed side-by-side in one frame to give viewers a better comparison of the model’s changing physique. On the far-left side, Kim dressed in a blue sports bra and black underwear. She wore her blond tresses in an up-do and accessorized with several bracelets and rings. Her belly was still quite soft from her pregnancy and her arms and legs revealed a lack of definition.

In the middle photo, Kim posed in the same outfit but looked slightly tanner from the summer. She wore her hair in a high ponytail that trailed over one shoulder and flaunted a set of red nails. Her figure appeared tighter and more defined while her belly was noticeably flatter.

The final snap on the right-hand side featured Kim’s current shape. She wore a black sports bra with double spaghetti straps and black Calvin Klein underwear with a white waistband. The eye was drawn to her chiseled abs, narrow waist, sculpted arm muscles, and bulky quads. The effort that Kim has put into her weight training was evident in her form.

In the caption of the post, Kim told her 1.1 million followers how she achieved the drastic change in her physique. She wrote that she used to believe that lowering calories and doing excessive cardio was the best way to lose weight. However, the metabolism adapts to the low-calorie intake, which then causes people to over-exercise and exhaust themselves, creating a downward spiral.

Kim advised her trainees to weight train three to five days a week, reduce cardio, and increase calorie intake to get their metabolism to a normal level while avoiding fat gain. Kim added that the more muscle and strength they gain, the more food they can eat because their body will burn more calories at a resting rate, in turn speeding up the metabolism. Kim signed off by telling her followers to stay consistent and not give up.

The post earned nearly 500 comments from Instagram users congratulating the model on her transformation and thanking her for her advice.

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