Leah McSweeney Opens Up About Her Bipolar Disorder, ‘RHONY’ Star Concerned With How Ramona Singer Handled It

Leah McSweeney has been very open about her life during her short time on The Real Housewives of New York City. Part of her story includes her struggles with addiction and mental illness, and the fashion designer talked even more about her bipolar disorder during an interview with Forbes on Monday. The RHONY newbie went in-depth about her experience and explained why her co-star Ramona Singer’s recent actions are so problematic.

During the latest episode of the hit reality show, Ramona learned of Leah’s diagnosis, and she was very quick to pass the information on to co-star Sonja Morgan. Leah was not too happy that Ramona shared the news and believed that she did not have the best intentions.

“Listen, if I was having serious mental health problems while this was going on and she brought it up in a caring way, that’d be a different story. That’s not what it is.”

During the show, the reality television veteran admitted that she used the knowledge of Leah’s diagnosis to “explain” the newbie’s recent behaviors. Ramona also went on to proclaim that Leah should not be drinking alcohol while she took medication. The Married to the Mob founder has had a few instances where her co-stars were not happy with how she behaved. Leah took off her clothes and threw tiki torches at Ramona’s home in the Hamptons and had several outbursts during a cast dinner in Newport, Rhode Island.

Leah believed that Ramona had equated behavior that she didn’t like with mental illness and said that was not at all the case. The fashion designer explained that her antics were simply due to alcohol.

“What was upsetting is that this woman thought I was acting as if I had bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, I have been in remission from bipolar for years. Like actually, that’s just me being drunk….and having fun,” Leah told the outlet.

The new housewife was concerned that the way Ramona handled the situation might actually prevent others from speaking out.

“The terrible part is that other people will be scared to say I have this issue or I am struggling.”

Leah hoped that by discussing her experience on television that viewers would be inspired to talk about their issues. The star went on to declare that Ramona did not offend her when she called her behavior “crazy.”

“Call me crazy. I don’t care. I want to be crazy.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, The Real Housewives of New York City is currently airing Season 12 and the cast is reportedly scheduled to tape an in-person reunion on Long Island this week.

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