Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Muscular Figure & Sizzles In Outdoor ‘Love Handles’ Workout

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan added a new workout to her large Instagram collection on Sunday, August 2, in which she trained her love handles.

The trainer wore a white sports bra with double spaghetti straps and a large cutout along the upper back. The bra ended just below her chest, giving viewers an eyeful of her chiseled ab muscles. Ashleigh sported a pair of blue spandex shorts on her lower half that rose to her navel and teased a peek of a glitzy piercing, and extended to the tops of her thighs, contouring to her sculpted backside. The length of her muscular legs was left exposed.

Ashleigh completed the look with a pair of white sneakers and large sunglasses. She added a couple of stud earrings for accessories. The model styled her long, blond tresses in two French braids that extended down both sides of her head.

The routine took place in an outdoor space on what appeared to be a driveway between two buildings. Ashleigh placed a black exercise mat on the ground to protect her body and did not use any additional equipment, relying entirely on body weight for resistance. The workout included four exercises, each featured in an individual video clip in the post.

The first exercise was the single-leg oblique V-up. Ashleigh positioned herself on her back and brought one knee in toward her chest at the same time she met her leg in the middle with both arms. The second video showed the side plank with oblique crunch. Moving herself into position, Ashleigh brought one knee in toward her midsection to meet her bent elbow.

Ashleigh followed the oblique crunches with a set of reverse lunges with twist. She stepped back with one leg into a lunge and then twisted her torso, with her elbows raised out to the sides. The final exercise in the circuit was plank rotations. Beginning in a side plank, Ashleigh rotated her body down and through to the other side, going back and forth.

In the caption of the post, the model wrote out the exercises and the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each. She also wrote that she hoped her fans had an amazing weekend and added that she typically trains her abs at the end of a workout, anywhere from two to three times a week.

The love handles routine earned nearly 40,000 likes and a couple hundred comments within the first day.

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