Vanessa Marcil May Have Thrown Out A Huge Hint That She Will Be Returning To ‘General Hospital’

It has been seven years since Vanessa Marcil has graced Port Charles with her presence, but that may all change soon. The General Hospital alum took to her Twitter account on Sunday in an exchange with someone who clearly isn’t a fan of her character of Brenda Barrett. In response to that tweet, she may have hinted that she will be returning to her famous role sometime soon.

You can see Marcil’s tweet here.

It all started on July 21 when a fan account sent out a post remembering Marcil’s departure in 2011 with a tearful goodbye to her former love, Sonny Corinthos. Another fan responded 10 days later, saying how they were very glad to see her go. That person also tagged the actress, as well as Maurice Benard, who plays the role of the well-known mobster on the ABC soap. That then prompted Marcil to seemingly let them in on a little secret.

“I’ve got some bad news for ya,” she said with a smiley face attached.

That tweet seemed to have caused plenty of ruckus among General Hospital fans. Most believed that this was her subtle announcement that she is returning to her old stomping ground. Many viewers are thrilled at the possibility of the character heading back to Port Charles.

It seems that every time she is in town, there is always drama that follows. Her complicated romance with Sonny over the years was quite memorable. He is currently dealing with the end of his dad’s life and having to make lots of difficult and emotional choices regarding Mike’s health. This upcoming week will have the mobster quite distraught over his decisions and he is expected to be questioning himself.

He and Carly just had a new baby girl a few months ago and it seems that they are finally happy and content as a family. That may all change if Carly’s rival makes her way back.

Vanessa Marcil onset of General Hospital

There had also been rumors swirling for the past year that Dev could be her son. The boy’s real past hasn’t been dealt with yet and fans have been waiting to see if there is more to Dev than meets the eye.

Marcil’s post is certainly getting plenty of attention. General Hospital fans seem to be quite excited at the possibility of her return and maybe even a reunion between their favorite GH couple.

“PLEASE tell me this means what I think it means!!!!!” one viewer excitedly said.

“If Brenda comes back I’m going to start watching again,” someone else wrote.

“Would love to have Brenda back & go toe to toe with Carly for Sonny,” said a third watcher.