Lindsey Vonn Rocks Skintight Pink Leggings & Does Chain Squats With Dwayne Johnson For ‘400 Rep Leg Day’

Lindsey Vonn proved that she takes leg day seriously in the video she uploaded to Instagram on Sunday. In the clip, she also showed off her famous workout partner, a man who knows a thing or two about lifting weights and building muscle.

In her video, the 35-year-old former professional skier was joined by Jumanji: The Next Level star Dwayne Johnson. The 48-year-old entertainer formerly known as “The Rock” has been hitting the gym since before his professional wrestling days, and Lindsey put his expertise to good use by having him spot her as she performed a set of intense squats.

For her sweat session, the Olympic gold medalist rocked a pair of bright pink patterned leggings that clung to her pert posterior and toned legs. She also sported a formfitting white crop top with short sleeves. Around her waist, she wore a black weightlifting belt.

Lindsey tagged the official Instagram page for Dwayne’s Project Rock line of fitness apparel, so she was likely wearing one or more pieces from the collection.

Lindsey did her squats with a padded safety squat bar. Instead of weights, two massive silver chains were attached to both sides of the bar. The chains changed the dynamic of the exercise by making the amount of weight she was supporting lighter as she squatted down. A few of the heavy links piled on the floor, and she lifted them back up as she straightened her legs.

Lindsey grunted each time she performed a rep, and her spotter moved forward and placed his hands a short distance underneath the bar when she squatted down. She was shown doing six reps of the exercise, but she revealed that her entire leg day consisted of 400 reps of various exercises.

Lindsey’s Instagram followers let her know just how impressed they were with her demonstration of strength by pressing the like button on her post more than 24,000 times. The athlete also had a funny exchange with former Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon in the comments section.

“Get it!! Don’t trust the Rock though. He doesn’t anything about fitness,” read Kevin’s response to her post.

In her reply, Lindsey referenced the comedian’s famous fitness-obsessed SNL character.

“Maybe I need a good pump up from Hanz und Franz as well?” she quipped.

Lindsey’s non-famous followers also had plenty to say about her workout — and her partner.

“She still works out like she is still an Olympian. Very dedicated and beautiful. I don’t mean that Dwayne is beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“Achievement unlocked. Coolest spotter on the planet,” another admirer remarked.

Lindsey often gives her fans glimpses into her very active lifestyle. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she showed off her swimming skills in another recent video. Her training partner was one of her cute pooches, and the two were racing in the pool.

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