Sadie Robertson Makes A Pregnancy Promise To Fans In Response To ‘Rude’ Comments

Sadie Robertson let her fans know that she does not appreciate it when they comment on the size of her stomach. On Friday, the 23-year-old Duck Dynasty star shared a series of videos on her Instagram stories that addressed the topics of pregnancy speculation and body image.

Sadie filmed the clips in response to the people who follow her on Instagram who keep suggesting that she looks pregnant in certain photos. She recently clapped back at one such commenter after sharing a photo of herself and her husband, Christian Huff, at a wedding. When the person remarked that she looked pregnant, she used just one word to explain that what the person was actually seeing was her “dinner.”

In her videos, Sadie was wearing the same gown that she was pictured rocking in the wedding photo. It was nighttime, so the footage was likely filmed after the event. She repeatedly said that she is not currently with child, but she promised her followers that she would let them know when she is. Until then, she asked her fans to make what she called a “trucies” with her. She begged them to quit speculating about whether she’s expecting, and she deemed it “rude” to do so.

Sadie Robertson arrives at the 2016 Dove Awards at Allen Arena, Lipscomb University

“It is rude to comment every time I post a picture, ‘Are you pregnant? Is that a baby bump I see? Ooh, is that a bump?’ and tag all your friends,” Sadie said. “It is not a bump. It is my dinner. It is the chicken alfredo I just ate. Maybe I’m on period. Maybe I’m a girl. Maybe I just enjoy my life because the lord has blessed us with bread on the planet.”

Sadie’s husband occasionally backed her up as she spoke, and he chimed in at this point.

“You had a lot of cake tonight, too,” he said.

Sadie confessed that this was true, and she said that her husband loves her just the way she is. He reassured her that he does, indeed, love her “so much” as she continued addressing her followers. She informed them that she has struggled with body insecurities in the past, and she doesn’t like to be reminded of these issues.

“I don’t need a reminder every time I post on Instagram that I have put on some pounds because I am happy and I am blessed,” she said.

Sadie ended her rant by suggesting that people sometimes behave differently on social media than they would in real life. She reminded her fans that they should also treat others with kindness when they’re online, and she asked them to “build each other up.”

As far as any future baby news is concerned, Sadie told People that it will likely be “years” before she and Christian start a family. The couple tied the knot in November of last year.