Indiana Student Tests Positive For COVID-19 Just Hours Into The First Day Back

A student at Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana tested positive for COVID-19 just hours into the first day back. Around mid-day, county health department officials notified the school that this student, who had at that point been in various rooms across the school, had indeed tested positive for the virus, according to The New York Times.

The school administrators followed emergency procedures by removing the student from class. Anyone who may have come in contact with the student throughout the day has been told to self quarantine for two weeks.

In order to determine who the infected student came in contact with, officials will be looking at who had been in each of the classrooms the student sat in as well as anyone who may have been around them on the way to school.

As of now, it is not known if the student infected anyone else at the school during the brief time they were there.

Officials knew that the time would come when a student would test positive and emergency procedures would be necessary. However, they did not expect that this would occur so early on.

“We knew it was a when, not if,” said Harold E. Olin, superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation. He added that he was “very shocked it was on Day 1.”

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The school will continue to follow careful cleaning procedures, including disinfecting surfaces frequently.

In a statement, Superintendent Olin explained how important proper safety protocols are and expressed his gratitude toward those that are cooperating thus far, according to CNN.

“We understand that this information will cause concern for some of you. It was very evident today that nearly all of our families and students were prepared to properly follow the safety protocols we have established. Adhering to these protocols is essential for maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff.”

This may be one of the first cases of a COVID-19 infected individual at a school, but it will most likely not be the last. As schools across the country continue to make decisions about start dates and safety requirements, there is a lot of controversy.

Some schools are offering a virtual learning option for parents that are not comfortable sending their kids back to school. Other districts have opted for only virtual learning for now as cases continue to surge.

President Trump has remained adamant that schools should be in-person and start on schedule, according to The Inquisitr.