Whitney Simmons Flaunts Peach Booty In Skintight Spandex Shorts For New Workout Video

Fitness model Whitney Simmons took to Instagram on Friday, July 31, to post a new workout video series in which she flaunted her sculpted backside in spandex shorts.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a white sports bra with thin spaghetti straps and a scooped neckline. The eye was drawn to her muscular arms, shoulders, and upper back while a gap between the top and shorts put her toned tummy on display.

The blue shorts featured a thick waistband and extended to the tops of her thighs, leaving plenty of leg exposed. The spandex material hugged Whitney’s curves and showed off her booty.

To complete the outfit, Whitney added a pair of white sneakers and a white watch. She wore her blond tresses pulled back into a low ponytail that trailed down her back.

Whitney completed the exercises in an open studio space with large mirrors along the back wall. She trained on a black mat, relying entirely on body weight for resistance. The routine included six different moves, each split into separate video clips.

In the caption of the post, Whitney instructed her followers to complete each exercise back-to-back with a 60-second rest in between rounds. Trainees should shoot for four rounds of the circuit.

The workout began with reverse bridges to crab reaches. Whitney held her body in a table-top position and alternated between pushing her hips up toward the ceiling and reaching across her body with one arm, then the other.

In the second slide, she demonstrated power reverse sliding lunges. Using a towel under one foot, Whitney slid one leg back into a lunge and then brought it back in to meet her other leg, switching sides.

The third move was the kneeling thrust. Whitney gave viewers an eyeful of her sculpted backside in this exercise, making sure to squeeze her glutes with each thrust. She followed up the thrusts with swimmers to superwoman pulses, carried out from her belly on the floor.

The final exercises were dead-stop tricep pushups to sprawl and sprinter crunches, designed to work the abs.

In the caption, Whitney wrote out the moves and the number of reps her followers should complete for each. She added a couple of notes specific to some of the exercises to help her followers with proper execution.

The post earned more than 60,000 likes and close to 750 comments within the first day of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

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