'Big Brother' Producer Says There's New 'Twists And Turns' For All-Stars, Talks Possible Battleback

Big Brother Season 22 is set to debut this coming Wednesday and fans of the program are wondering what types of changes will come to the famous reality competition. There are plenty of safety protocols in place for the houseguests as well as the production crew, which subsequently required some changes to the living conditions and competitions. There are always new things introduced every summer, and All-Stars 2 is going to be no exception.

Executive producer Allison Grodner caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss all the changes surrounding Big Brother this summer. As usual, she teased the twists that will be coming for the returnees, many of whom have appeared on the show more than once. There's not much that can surprise some of these veterans, so producers had to think extra-hard this time around. When asked about a possible Battleback this year, Grodner revealed what she could about the famous tradition.

"There are a lot of new twists and turns for this group of houseguests, because they're All-Stars too," she said. "We don't want them to think this is like a regular season and to count on certain things. So there's a lot that they haven't experienced before in terms of the twists and the powers that could be thrown into the game, and how people in some cases might be eliminated and that kind of thing."

Kemi Fakunle, David Alexander and Ovi Kabir lose the Battleback in Season 21.
CBS | Monty Brinton
Kemi Fakunle, David Alexander and Ovi Kabir lose the Battleback in Season 21.

Furthermore, the producer noted that these changes weren't due to the ongoing health crisis, just solely because these players are experienced and know what to expect.

"We need to keep them on their toes," she said in response to the Battleback possibility.

Season 21's Battleback was ahead of its time. The first four players evicted still lived in the house but slept in separate quarters away from their co-stars. This still allowed them to play a social game while technically not playing the physical game itself. This is perfect for the current climate, since having evicted houseguests staying in hotels before a Battleback competition just wouldn't be possible this year due to safety protocols.

This would be the only way a Battleback could be done, unless evicted players leave the house and stay in private trailers on the lot, quarantining on their own with little interaction from production.

All will be revealed on Wednesday, and fans should be just as surprised by the new changes as their favorite stars will be. One thing that will never change in regard to Big Brother is Zingbot, which the producer confirmed will definitely be around for the All-Stars.