Demi Rose Shows Off Incredible Curves In Skintight Sequined Dress

British model Demi Rose Mawby managed to flaunt both her glamorous style sensibilities and incredible curves in the latest update to her popular Instagram feed. The 25-year-old social media star posted a two-picture slideshow on July 31 in which she scintillated while sporting a skintight sequined dress that perfectly accentuated her sinuous figure. Demi also added to the look by wearing a pink sombrero that had gold trim to match the sequins on her dress.

Although the ensemble was far from the most revealing outfit that Demi had posed in for a social media snap, the shiny dress nonetheless managed to provide a tempting display of her body’s voluptuous contours.

In the slideshow’s first photo, Demi posed with her rear side turned to the camera. Her face was turned back toward the lens for the shot, though her dark eyes didn’t appear to be focused on it directly. She stood before a range of wardrobe choices in the background. Various dresses and other lengthy articles of clothing hung on the left side of the frame while multiple skimpy swimsuits were stored on the opposite side.

A light source that looked to be emanating from near her midsection illuminated the individual sequins of her dress, giving Demi’s frame a distinct glow.

While Demi left her back bare in the garment, it clung to her booty in such a way that it revealed its shape and size in great detail. Meanwhile, her prominent shoulders and neckline were accentuated by the dress’ straps, which rested upon them.

As the photo was snapped, Rose pushed the brim of her hat upward with her left hand. Her lips were also parted and her eyes smoldered in a seductive manner.

The second snapshot in the series found Rose striking a similar pose before the same backdrop, only that time, her pouty expression had been replaced with a sweet smile, and her eyes were closed. In both photos, her beautiful face owned the upper edge of the frame.

Demi’s post blew up on Instagram in short order, racking up more than 60,000 likes in less than an hour after having first appeared online. Moreover, over 500 comments were offered by her fans and admirers.

“Stunning,” stated one user, simply.

“You are looking so beautiful,” commented another fan.

“Seeing you like this makes everyone crazy,” exclaimed a third admirer.

Demi has a history of showing off her pert derriere on Instagram. As shared by The Inquisitr earlier this week, she did so in a photo update in which she wore a particularly cheeky mesh bodysuit.