Jessica Weaver Shows Off Her Ink, Assets In Steamy Lingerie Snapshot

Fitness model, life coach and influencer Jessica Weaver is no stranger to flaunting her famously ample assets on her popular Instagram feed. She did so once again with her most recent update on the platform, which featured her bust and backside covered — albeit not well — with nothing but a semi-sheer lingerie set.

Weaver’s post — which was uploaded on Friday, July 31 — included a “#inkbabe” reply from the model herself. In addition to flaunting her curves in the photo, the 32-year-old also provided one of the best looks yet at the intricate tattoo artwork that covers her back and booty.

She also asked her fans and followers, the latter of which number nearly 10 million on IG, to name some of their favorite things in the post’s caption. Unquestionably, her sizzling lingerie snapshot gave them at least a few more things to consider for that list.

The side to rear-view shot Weaver provided found her posing amid the trees and overgrown plantation of a natural setting. Its green and earthy hues stood in incredible contrast to her sun-kissed skin, sharp curves and platinum blond hair in the foreground of the shot.

With her head turned to the right, allowing her to focus on the camera’s lens, Weaver gave an exuberant smile for the camera and her eyes seemingly beamed with joy. Meanwhile, her long, blond hair flowed out wildly on both sides of her head, as if the picture was snapped mid-turn.

Weaver’s white, semi-transparent top clearly struggled to contain her sizable breasts in the front. The right cup was visible in the frame and it was emblazoned with floral artwork. So, too, was her bikini bottom, which was semi-transparent on the sides, but nearly invisible in the very back save for the floral garnishing. The sewn-in flowers of her lingerie made for an ideal complement to her ink work, which included representations of flowers, butterflies and the like.

Weaver’s post was a quick hit with her army of admirers, inspiring 15,000-plus double-taps in less than an hour after appearing on her feed. Meanwhile, nearly 800 comments had been left during the same time frame.

“You are so beautiful and sexy,” wrote one fan.

“Absolutely stunning omg a masterpiece,” exclaimed another.

“You’re always such a gorgeous goddess with a body of an angel,” commented a third admirer.

The comment thread was also littered with replies that simply listed various parts of Weaver’s taut and tempting frame as their favorite things.

Weaver has been riling her fans on a regular basis with her sizzling photos. As shared by The Inquisitr earlier this week, she also flaunted ample bust while posing in bed.