Kelly Monaco’s Mom Confirms Temporary ‘General Hospital’ Recast For Sam, Promises Star Is ‘Safe And Healthy’

Kelly Monaco’s mom Carmina took to Twitter to share some specifics regarding the somewhat stunning revelation that General Hospital has temporarily replaced the actress in the role of Sam McCall. Thursday night, reports emerged indicating that Passions veteran Lindsay Hartley would be taking over, but seemingly only for a couple of weeks. Luckily, it seems that the fan-favorite GH star isn’t sick, but her absence is coronavirus-related as some fans had speculated.

Friday morning, Carmina interacted with some General Hospital fans on Twitter as they tweeted about the news. Luckily, it seems that the actress is not sick due to the coronavirus as had been rumored among some circles of viewers.

“Kelly is great and should be back on set Monday… I’d say she is better than great. Thank you for all of the love,” she replied to one of her daughter’s supporters.

She also mentioned in another post that the General Hospital star had been claustrophobic since she was a child. One person replied to this and noted that the soap star had mentioned this claustrophobia to General Hospital viewers before. Another person mentioned her hope that an alternative type of face covering could be figured out so being on the set would be less anxiety-inducing going forward.

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton play Sam and Jason on 'General Hospital'

Some reports had indicated that Lindsay would be taking over as the character of Sam for only a few weeks. Luckily, it sounds as if that is truly the case.

“Kelly is safe and healthy. First day back she had a hard time with the Covid mask and was given a rather unexpected 14 day quarantine even though she tested negative twice for Covid and a third negative test for Covid antibodies. She is excited to get back on set next week,” the protective mama replied to another anxious fan.

A number of General Hospital fans thanked Carmina for the updates, expressing their relief that the soap actress had not been ill. Many expressed sentiments of love and support, asking that their notes of encouragement be passed along.

As General Hospital previously revealed, taping started up again on Wednesday, July 22. New episodes begin airing on ABC on Monday, August 3, and viewers are hoping that everything can proceed without significant hiccups. Spoilers that have been made available so far do not mention very much specific to Sam’s storylines. However, there is no doubt that there are big things on the horizon, and now everybody knows that the character is incorporated into some of these first shows slated to air in early August.