Sharon Osbourne Says She Doesn’t ‘Not Believe’ In UFOs & Ghosts But Needs To See Them To Be Convinced

Sharon Osbourne said in a new interview with TMZ that she doesn’t “not believe” in UFOs and ghosts, but needs to see them in order to be convinced they exist. The Talk host apparently needs hard evidence in order to believe in both paranormal activity and UFOs, some of which is presented to her family in a new series for the Travel Channel, called The Osbournes Want to Believe. In each episode, son Jack will try his hardest to convince Sharon and her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, that otherworldly things are real.

“I always say the same thing about UFOs and ghosts. Until I see them I’ll say yes I believe, but I don’t not believe. But I need to see it myself,” she explained to TMZ.

In the interview, Sharon also discussed the possible sighting of a UFO in the air over Long Beach in California and whether or not she believed it was truly an otherworldly vehicle.

“I saw it, Jack showed me and… of course, Jack has been a big believer in UFOs his entire life. It’s very odd. But you don’t know, it could have been somebody tricking, a piece of film, it could be anything…the sun going on something. There’s so many different things it could be. So I need to see it for myself,” she explained.

The program’s official site detailed what fans can expect from the limited-run show. During each hour-long episode, Jack will screen several paranormal clips for Ozzy and Sharon.

The couple will weigh in on everything from the existence of Bigfoot to poltergeists, creepy dolls, and unexplained apparitions. Each comment and critique was caught on-camera as the couple shared their opinions about what they believed was real and what was not. The eight-part series, which Sharon discussed in the above clip, will premiere on the Travel Channel beginning Sunday, August 2.

Sharon told TMZ that while filming, she and Ozzy tried to figure out the tricks that were used in the films Jack screened for them. She admitted, however, that there were some films where the couple didn’t believe there was any sort of trickery involved. She later revealed that she and Ozzy were “very impressed” about certain pieces of film, especially the ones about poltergeists.

This series will mark the first time the three members of the clan have appeared on a TV show together since the family’s landmark MTV program The Osbournes. Kelly Osbourne, Jack’s sister and Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter, will not be participating in this show.

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