‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Chef KiKo Apologizes For The Vegas Dinner ‘I Was Mentally And Physically Destroyed’

Below Deck Mediterranean star Hindrigo “KiKo” Lorran thanked fans for their support and apologized for his recent performance in his Instagram stories Friday. The yacht chef had a disastrous Las Vegas-themed dinner that his boss Captain Sandy Yawn harshly criticized.

“I[sic] been receiving so many lovely DMs that make me feel so happy! You guys are awesome! I love you all,” the reality star wrote.

In addition to the messages, KiKo’s recent Instagram post was filled with support after Monday’s episode aired. During the show, the Brazilian broke down in tears after Sandy insisted that his food was not up to the standards that she expected on a superyacht. The two ended the conversation with KiKo offering to leave after the charter was complete. It was unclear if and when he would depart the boat.

“I just saw what Sandy said to you, and to see you cry hurt my heart,” one fan wrote.

KiKo went on to apologize for the Las Vegas-themed dinner.

“Sorry for the terrible vegas night, that wasn’t me and I was mentally and physically destroyed.”

Despite the roaring success of a six-course tasting menu for 12 guests, the Brazilian has struggled from the beginning of the season. Sandy was often very critical of KiKo’s cuisine and asked the patrons after every meal if they enjoyed their experience. She would then take all of the feedback to the galley and consistently pushed KiKo to do better.

The chef went into the last dinner admittedly nervous. In a confessional interview, KiKo shared that he was “freaking out.” However, he refused to quit. He now realized that his energy transferred to his performance.

“When I feel bad it passes to my food,” KiKo admitted, but then vowed to learn from the experience and “improve this day by day.” He continued his positive attitude as he closed out his note to fans.

“Sh*t happens and life is like this,” KiKo declared.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a fan appeared to blame the chief stewardess, Hannah Ferrier, for the failed meal. KiKo was not familiar with what Las Vegas-style food entailed and had to use Google for suggestions. When the yachties reviewed the final choices, Hannah appeared to support them.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Monday, Hannah defended her position. She told host Andy Cohen that she thought the Vegas-themed event was a good idea and said that a lot of the items on the menu were on the guests’ preference sheets.

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