'General Hospital' Is Reportedly Bringing Dominic Zamprogna Back As Dante Falconeri

It looks like General Hospital fans are getting their wish as the ABC soap is said to be bringing actor Dominic Zamprogna back to his longtime role as Dante Falconeri. The exciting news came from a report by Daytime Confidential on Friday night.

It wasn't too long ago that the actor said that he missed his GH family and felt like he really was more than ready to head back to Port Charles for good. He mentioned that he had already spoke to executive producer Frank Valentini and told him his feelings on possibly returning. That talk must have been pretty convincing as Zamprogna is seemingly back. The return date has not been set and it has not been confirmed by the actor or by General Hospital just yet. However, the entertainment site has always been a pretty reliable source.

What does this mean for Dante's loved ones who have spent so much time wondering if they would ever see him again? The character's mother, Olivia, had been praying for his return and had even tried to convince Robert Scorpio to do something to help her son.

The real drama will come when he returns home to Lulu and son Rocco. His ex-wife is now in a romantic relationship with teacher Dustin Phillips, which is bound to complicate matters when he gets back in town.

General Hospital star Emme Rylan
ABC Press | Craig Sjodin

Lulu didn't want the divorce in the first place. She fought against it until she couldn't fight anymore. Her ex has been seeking treatment for his PTSD and has chosen to ban all contact with his family, including Olivia.

Her relationship with Dustin is heating up. They seem closer than ever, but Dante making his way back will certainly shift things for them. Lulu obviously still has feelings for her ex, but him pushing her away so he could seek treatment may have gone on way too long for them to be repaired.

General Hospital fans have expressed their excitement on Dominic's return. He became a fan favorite after his debut in 2009 and many missed him when he chose to depart the soap two years ago.

General Hospital will start airing brand new episodes beginning on Monday. It has been four long months since the cast stopped filming due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They were finally able to head back to the studio a few days ago and have been busy putting out plenty of promos since.