‘The Challenge’ Seasons 11-31 Come Out Of The Vault, Available To Stream On CBS All Access

Longtime fans of The Challenge are having a great day on their couch, as 20 previous seasons have become available to stream on CBS All Access. The MTV show is one of the most successful in the network’s catalog, which started in 1998 and is still going strong today. One issue veteran viewers had with the show over the last several years was the inability to watch old seasons. Some were available for purchase on platforms like Amazon Prime or with hefty mandatory commercials on Pluto TV, but everything changed with a major CBS announcement today.

According to TechCrunch, CBS All Access added over 3,500 episodes to their streaming network this morning as Viacom expanded its catalog. Other than MTV, streamers can now watch shows from VH1, Comedy Central, BET, The Smithsonian Channel, and Nickelodeon.

With The Challenge: Total Madness concluding this past Wednesday, it was the perfect time for 20 seasons to be released. Season 36 of the competition series hasn’t begun filming yet, which means a premiere is more than several months away. Fans can take a trip down memory lane starting with the first season available, The Gauntlet 2 (2005), which was T.J. Lavin’s first year as host. Every season which can be streamed in its entirety, with a monthly subscription to All Access, is as follows:

  • Season 11 – The Gauntlet 2
  • Season 12 – Fresh Meat
  • Season 13 – The Duel
  • Season 14 – The Inferno 3
  • Season 15 – The Gauntlet 3
  • Season 16 – The Island
  • Season 17 – The Duel 2
  • Season 18 – The Ruins
  • Season 19 – Fresh Meat 2
  • Season 20 – Cutthroat
  • Season 21 – Rivals
  • Season 22 – Battle of the Exes
  • Season 23 – Battle of the Seasons
  • Season 24 – Rivals 2
  • Season 25 – Free Agents
  • Season 26 – Battle of the Exes 2
  • Season 27 – Battle of the Bloodlines
  • Season 28 – Rivals 3
  • Season 29 – Invasion of the Champions
  • Season 30 – Dirty 30
  • Season 31 – Vendettas
Johnny Bananas appears on The Challenge: Total Madness

To show just how far back these shows go, fans can start streaming seasons before Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio ever made an appearance. Chris “CT” Tamburello only had two seasons under his belt before The Gauntlet 2 and Challenge staples like Cara Maria Sorbello and Laurel Stucky were introduced to viewers.

Shows only ran for a half-hour in the mid-2000s and are a far cry from today’s 90-minute episodes. This makes streaming all the more easier, as the episodes only last around 20 minutes if an ad-free subscription is purchased. It’s never been easier to binge and is a great way for newer fans to catch up on the history that made the series so famous.

Other MTV series which have been made available to stream on All Access include Are You the One? (Seasons 1-6), Laguna Beach (Seasons 1-3), Celebrity Death Match (Seasons 5-6), and Teen Mom 2 (Seasons 1-8).