'One Piece' Chapter 986 Spoilers: After Kanjuro's Death, Red Scabbards Launch Surprise Attack Against Kaido

According to the spoilers posted at Reddit, the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga will feature the highly anticipated clash between the Nine Red Scabbards and Emperor Kaido, the Beast Pirates captain.

After Kiku successfully defeated and killed the traitor Kanjuro, the other loyal servants of the late Lord Kozuki Oden, Kinemon, Denjiro, Raizo, Ashura Doji, Kawamatsu the Kappa, Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, and Izo, reunited at the rear entrance of the enemies' headquarters in Onigashima.

Knowing that Kozuki Momonosuke would soon be executed, they no longer wasted time executing their plan to take down Kaido, the strongest creature in the world. In One Piece Chapter 986, Emperor Kaido successfully convinced the followers of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi to join his side and become his subordinates.

If Momonosuke denounced his claim that he was the son of the former Daimyo of Kuri, Emperor Kaido said that he would spare his life. However, despite being on the verge of death, Momonosuke told everyone at the banquet hall about his true identity and confidently said that he would be the next shogun of the Land of Wano.

Emperor Kaido was left with no choice but to start the execution and completely stop Kozuki's bloodline.

Luckily, before he suffered the same fate as Shogun Orochi, the loyal servants of his father arrived to save him. One Piece Chapter 986 will show the Red Scabbards appearing behind Emperor Kaido on the stage. Izo is set to shoot the sword that Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire is supposed to use for the beheading.

After immobilizing the other two Calamities, the Red Scabbards proceed with their plan to take down Emperor Kaido.

At first, the strongest creature in the world was confident that the Red Scabbards' swords couldn't penetrate his body. However, when they jumped toward him, he started to remember the time when Lord Oden almost killed him using Enma. The Red Scabbards shout "Sunacchi" and attack Emperor Kaido with full force.

After Kinemon and Denjiro pierce the Yonko's body, they all fall off the stage.

One Piece features members of the Worst Generation.
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Most members of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance, including Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law, are also in the banquet hall, but they respected the Red Scabbards' request to let them take the head of Emperor Kaido.

Meanwhile, Yamato will have more reasons to join Luffy's group after learning that the handcuffs that her father put on her 20 years ago were really intended to kill her.