Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Live Apart, Source Claims After The Couple’s Tear-Filled Meeting

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appear to be having a difficult few weeks after the rapper and fashion designer publicly lashed out at his wife and spilled family details that shocked many. Now, a source tells Page Six that the couple has been living separately for a while.

Currently, Kanye is living at the family’s $14 million ranch in Wyoming, while Kim is staying behind at their Calabasas home in California. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to spend some time together, as they recently had a reportedly “intense” reunion in Wyoming.

“Kanye’s in Wyoming, that’s his main base. But they’re not like other couples, obviously, they have multiple houses and private planes, so it’s not like they’re not able to see each other,” the source said.

Sources say that this isn’t an indication that the couple plans to call it quits, but it’s a step to help foster Kanye’s creativity and a way for Kim to prioritize raising their four children.

“Kim is completely focused on her family and protecting her kids right now, they’re so young,” the insider said.

Reportedly, Kim doesn’t want the children to know that anything is out of the ordinary, though they apparently miss their dad.

“She’s doing well, she doesn’t want this to impact on the kids, so it’s business as normal with them. Her sisters have been helping out and the kids have been with their cousins. They don’t want the kids to feel that anything is wrong, but of course, they want their father,” they added.

Reports surfaced last week that Kanye had refused to allow Kim to visit him and was only allowing people that he trusted to enter the compound. Apparently, the singer felt that both she and her mother, Kris Jenner, were out to get him, even claiming that Kim had tried to have him locked up against his will.

He later suggested that he wanted to divorce his wife, days after revealing that they had considered aborting North before deciding to go through with the birth.

During their get-together, Kim was photographed crying, with a source saying that nothing was resolved. She is reportedly frustrated because she knows that she can’t force him to get help for his bipolar disorder, but that his behavior is impacting their lives. She said as much to the public, in a recent statement asking for understanding.

At the meeting, she apparently expressed how upset she was with the situation.

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