WWE News: Rusev Says Reported Real-Life Incident That Led To Burial Was ‘Lies’

Rusev stands on the entrance ramp, screaming at his opponent.

As documented by Ringside News, Rusev — who now goes by the name Miro — took to his Twitch to dismiss the rumor that he screamed at Lana in front of people.

It is believed that the alleged incident caused the former WWE superstar to lose his push in the company. However, Rusev claimed it never happened and shared his feelings about rumors that get reported by wrestling news outlets.

“I’ve been upset because it’s lies. I hate it when people lie. It’s just so dumb. I don’t hate dirt sheets. I hate it when they report lies. That’s just s***. One time they reported that I yelled at my wife and that’s why Vince McMahon didn’t want to push me. That’s so dumb, so freaking dumb. They tell the truth and they give good information. Cool. But that he said she said stuff is lies.”

As documented by SEScoops, the original rumor stated Lana and Rusev had an argument in 2016. The incident reportedly upset company officials, but they were supposedly angry because he didn’t defend himself.

As highlighted by the report, Rusev responded on Twitter by claiming the rumor was fabricated by Dave Meltzer. He echoed this sentiment with his latest comments as well, as most “dirt sheet” reports stem from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Rusev’s remarks also noted many of the rumors reported by these outlets do contain some semblance of truth. Many of them are also based on information that’s been provided by employees of the company.

Rusev stands in a WWE ring

Throughout his WWE career, several reports circulated that indicated Rusev was being unfavored by management. As the SEScoops article noted, the love four-way storyline involving his wife, Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae was canceled after he and Lana announced their real-life engagement on social media. This revelation apparently angered Vince McMahon.

The couple was also involved in a love affair storyline involving Bobby Lashley last year. Some fans and pundits speculated that was the promotion’s way of burying Rusev for not signing a new contract. Sheamus, meanwhile, claimed the former United States Champion was a fan of the angle.

Rusev was released from his contract back in April and, as of now, his in-ring future is uncertain. He recently claimed that he’s done with professional wrestling and focused on other ventures for now.

However, AEW has expressed an interest in signing him recently and he’s free to join that promotion should he want to.