‘General Hospital’ Star James Patrick Stuart Gets Overly Excited About Return In New Countdown Promo

The countdown to the return of General Hospital has begun! The soap returns to ABC on Monday, August 3, with brand new episodes. The show is gearing up with frequent promotion clips featuring several GH stars expressing their excitement about being back in the studio. The latest promo was shared on the show’s social media channels on Thursday morning, and it featured a giddy James Patrick Stuart, who plays the role of Valentin Cassadine, gushing about how excited he is to be back on the screen.

Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) was also in the cute video and she and Stuart played it up for their fans. The duo appeared to be on the set of the MetroCourt. The actress was seen looking down at her phone when her co-star walked up to her and asked if she knew that General Hospital is back in production. She told him that she knew that. She then proceeded to announce that they will be back with all-new episodes on Monday.

Stuart clenched his fists, smiled like a little boy, and said, “It’s gonna be great!”

Fans in the comments section seemed just as excited to have their favorite soap back on the air. They also loved seeing the actor express his delight.

“Omg he’s so cute when he’s excited lol,” said a GH fan.

“I love seeing @japastu like that!!” another follower mentioned.

“Never heard him w such a high voice and smiling,” someone else noted.


Fans of the show certainly aren’t used to seeing the actor this way as his villainous character on General Hospital is more uptight and always plotting and scheming. The last time viewers saw Valentin, he was building his new business venture, Deception, with the help of Maxie, Lucy, and Sasha. He was actually trying to be a nice guy when he told Sasha that he sympathized with her about her breakup with Michael. He may even be the one who helps her with the cocaine addiction she seems to be heading toward.

Wright looked lovely in the promo, wearing a black and white printed dress with her curly blond hair straightened into her usual Carly hairstyle. Both actors appeared thrilled to be back on set.

General Hospital has been promoting its return ever since they announced that they were back filming. They are taking plenty of safety precautions to keep their crew safe. They were on a 4-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the actors have returned and are making these fun videos to get viewers geared up for next week.