‘Big Brother’ Fans Furious After Promised All-Stars Season 22 Cast Reveal Doesn’t Happen

Diehard fans of the CBS reality show are fuming after a cast announcement is delayed with no explanation.

Julie Chen of Big Brother
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Diehard fans of the CBS reality show are fuming after a cast announcement is delayed with no explanation.

Big Brother fans are reacting online after a promised Season 22 cast reveal didn’t happen for CBS All Access subscribers.

With just one week until the previously announced two-hour Big Brother move-in episode is set to premiere, viewers are still in the dark about which past players will be competing in the recently announced All-Stars season that will feature competitors from the show’s first 21 seasons.

On social media on Wednesday, diehard fans of the long-running reality show expressed disappointment as a promised cast announcement at noon ET passed by without a peep from the network.

In a Twitter post, seen here, a Big Brother fan shared a screenshot of the CBS All Access ad that promised subscribers the chance to “be the first to meet the houseguests” via live stream on July 29 at 12 p.m.

When the noon timeframe passed by, the fan noted, “I’m so sick of this season and it hasn’t even started yet. #BB22.”

Many others agreed. Some viewers complained that they waited for 12 p.m. to arrive just to see “nothing” on their screen. Others lamented that the network acts like the fans just don’t exist and asked that someone just explain why the cast reveal has been delayed. Some even said they’re not convinced that Big Brother will even happen next month and questioned if it will still be considered a summer show.

“Give us the cast interviews. OR A STATEMENT AT LEAST,” one commenter wrote.

“Do the clowns that signed up for CBS All Access get a refund?” a second fan wanted to know.

“I will say this, Jeff Probst would have made sure we’d have gotten SOMETHING today if it were Survivor,” another wrote.

Big Brother host Julie Chen
  Monty Brinton / CBS

Last week a rumored Big Brother cast list leaked online, but now all bets are off as to who will be entering the Big Brother house this summer.

The cast members for the summertime competition are reportedly undergoing COVID-19 testing amid a two-week quarantine period, as are the Big Brother crew members, amid the global health pandemic. Some viewers are speculating that the coronavirus testing has put a wrench in the cast reveal and wondering if some of the rumored contestants tested positive for the virus, thus causing the delay.

There has been no word from the network or host Julie Chen on the status of the houseguests ahead of the August 5 premiere, but live feed watchers are fuming after subscribing to the feeds ahead of time just so they could be among the first to get the exclusive announcement.