Camille Grammer Suggests Lisa Rinna Is A Hypocrite And Admits She Doesn’t Know Why Bravo Paints Her Negatively

Camille Grammer seems to think that Lisa Rinna’s recent behavior on social media is hypocritical.

Over a week after Rinna was seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, telling Camille that she was an “a**hole” on Twitter, Camille was seen reacting to an article about Rinna throwing shade at their former castmate, Lisa Vanderpump, for supposedly using RHOBH‘s ninth season as a launch point for her new spinoff on Peacock, Vanderpump Dogs.

“And who’s the A-hole on Twitter,” Camille wondered after seeing the article.

The above report also mentioned the way in which Rinna had suggested that Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville — who’ve faced rumors of an affair — may soon land their own spinoff series, titled Scissor Sisters.

Camille also added the rolling-eyes emoji and the tears-of-joy emoji to her post.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will recall, Vanderpump’s rescue center was featured throughout the ninth season of the show after Dorit Kemsley was accused of abandoning a chihuahua mix she adopted from the facility before production began on the episodes. So, when news of the Vanderpump Dogs series was announced, many believed that the storyline may have been fabricated in an effort to set the restaurateur up for her own spinoff.

After a fan saw Camille’s response to Rinna’s suspicions — as well as her post about Denise and Brandi — they pointed out that they didn’t understand why Rinna felt Camille should apologize for what she’s said on social media after saying what she has about the cast on her own pages on these platforms.

“I agree,” Camille tweeted.

Also this week, she responded to a fan who said that Bravo hasn’t shown a positive image of her since the very first season of their show, before noting that Camille is “not a bad person.”

In response, she admitted that when it comes to her on-screen persona, she is also confused by the way in which the network has chosen to portray her to viewers over the past several years.

“I don’t know?” she shared.

Lisa Rinna attends the Rachel Zoe Spring 2019 LA Presentation at Hotel Bel-Air.
Lisa Rinna attends the Rachel Zoe Spring 2019 LA Presentation at Hotel Bel-Air.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Camille was seen reacting to the news of Vanderpump’s upcoming dog-centric show last week, just shortly after NBCUniversal officially confirmed the news by sharing a commercial on their streaming service for the original program of Peacock.

“Feel good stories we need these days,” she wrote of the series, along with a heart and a thumbs-up emoji.