Kim French Puts Sculpted Booty On Display In Bright Yellow Spandex Shorts

Fitness model Kim French added a new workout video to social media platform Instagram on Sunday, July 26, in which she showed off her sculpted booty while performing an intense HIIT routine.

The fitness trainer sported a pair of bright yellow spandex shorts that rose high on her hips and extended to just below her backside, highlighting her toned curves. The shorts left the length of her sculpted legs exposed. Kim wore a white sports bra on her upper half that included a halter-style back and a high neckline with various cutouts along the chest. The top left a strip of toned tummy on display while drawing attention to her sculpted arms and shoulders.

Kim completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and wore her long brunette tresses in a ponytail to keep her hair from falling in her face during the exercises.

The HIIT workout targeted the ab muscles and included a total of five moves. Kim completed the circuit outdoors on a section of asphalt. She used a kettlebell and a small mat for equipment. In the caption of the post, Kim told her followers that she performed a total of four rounds with 20 seconds of rest in between. The routine took her 22 minutes to complete.

Kim began with alternate toe taps. She spread her feet and bent over to rest her hands on the ground. She then tapped one foot with the opposite hand, alternating sides. The second video clip featured the swing squat. Using the kettlebell, Kim spread her feet and swung the weight through her legs, lowering her body into a squat following the swing.

The third exercise was plank arm raises. Moving her body into a plank position, Kim lifted one arm at a time off the mat and raised it out in front of her. The next move was the curl to calf raise. Kim squatted and brought the kettlebell through her legs, raising herself onto her toes as she came out of each swing. The final slide showed the side lunge, which also required the use of the weight for added resistance.

In the caption, Kim explained that the workout can be done anywhere and encouraged her fans to save the video for later. She added that cardio doesn’t have to be a chore and can be fun. Trainees will be surprised at how many calories they burn and how incredible they feel after.

The post earned more than 16,000 likes and nearly 300 comments within the first day.

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