Paris Jackson, Surgeon? King Of Pop’s Daughter Reveals Dream Career

Paris Jackson, surgeon? That’s the dream career goal of the King of Pop’s daughter, who has revealed she’d like to be a heart surgeon.

The 15-year-old talked about her ideal job in a new Mail on Sunday interview, simply saying: “I want to help people, that’s it.”

As well as a career in surgery, Jackson also hopes to restore her father’s Neverland estate, transforming it into a destination where sick children can come and enjoy themselves. The Santa Barbara County property, which is owned by the Jackson family and investment firm Colony Capital, was also home for Paris during much of her childhood.

In the Mail interview, Paris talks about an emotional visit to Neverland two years ago, recalling how:

“I cried and cried. It’s beautiful there. It still has good energy.”

She also defended her father’s parenting skills, saying he only ever wanted his kids to lead a normal life. Speaking about Jackson’s habit of masking his children in public, Paris simply says:

“He didn’t want anyone to see what we looked like. That way we could have what he didn’t, which was a normal childhood.”

It’s been easy to assume Paris Jackson would enter the music industry. With her huge personal fortune, excellent musical genes, access to valuable industry contacts and sheer name power, success would be highly likely. She’s also expressed an interest in showbusiness before, while speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2011.

However, despite inheriting her father’s love of music, Paris Jackson seems set on a career in surgery. What do you think, readers? Does “Paris Jackson, surgeon” have a ring to it?

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