AEW News: Chris Jericho Opens Up About Possible WWE Return

Chris Jericho poses with a belt
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During the latest edition of Saturday Night Special, per, Chris Jericho discussed the possibility of returning to WWE. However, fans hoping to see him return to the promotion might be disappointed by his answer.

“It’s not going to happen. I really enjoy being in AEW. I loved my time in WWE, I love Vince McMahon, I learned a lot. I had a lot of fun, but listen, you can’t stay in the same place forever. You become stagnant if you do and I think you need to push yourself to do something new. The fact that AEW was live without a net when I first showed up and all of us have done such a great job of promoting this brand and promoting this company.”

Jericho originally joined WWE in 1999, and he wrestled there consistently until 2018. He joined AEW in 2019 shortly after the company was conceived, and he’s one of the biggest stars on the roster at the moment.

It’s also well-known that Jericho wasn’t happy in WWE toward the end. As documented by The Mix, he told the Mature Audiences Mayhem podcast that he was unhappy with his booking, especially in regard to him and Kevin Owens not being booked higher on the WrestleMania 33 card.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, McMahon was allegedly unhappy about Jericho’s decision to join a rival company. He supposedly asked Jericho if he could sever his contract after signing.

Chris Jericho stands in the ring, surrounded by a steel cage

During the Saturday Night Special, Jericho also opened up about his “Demo God” gimmick. The legendary performer has been incorporating AEW’s ratings dominance over NXT into his character, all the while taking all the credit for the victory. Jericho discussed how there’s an element of reality to everything he’s been saying, but he also acknowledged that he’s not the only factor behind the promotion’s success.

Jericho cited this week’s Falls Count Anywhere match between The Young Bucks and The Butcher and The Blade on the latest Dynamite as an example. The showdown pulled in one million viewers, but the rest of the show beat NXT in key demographics. Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown also fell behind Dynamite among certain audiences.

Jericho’s latest comments suggest that he still has a lot of respect for WWE. His new character has hinted that he has beef, but it isn’t personal on Jericho’s part. However, he probably hasn’t made WWE officials want to welcome him back with open arms either.