Samsung Freaked Out By Better HTC One, iPhone Build Quality, May Change Direction

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will release with the same type of build factor we have witnessed on the Samsung Galaxy S IV and various other smartphones from Samsung. While the tech giant has stuck with a more plastic feeling design, that could change with the Galaxy S 5 and other future high-end devices.

According to a rumor from SamMobile, Samsung is a “bit worried” that the stronger steel and glass build factors found on other high end devices may draw customers away from its super popular Galaxy smartphone line. The rumor specifically points towards the strong build factor of the new HTC One handset and Apple’s entire line of high-end iPhone smartphones.

The rumor suggests that Samsung may already be working towards stronger design builds that would help the Galaxy line gain an even more loyal following.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 by touting its software and not its design and other hardware features, many analysts publicly noted that the company did not appear to be focused on strong build factors.

Despite the plastic design factor, an early review of the Galaxy S4 from the team at tech media was glowing and HTC has since announced plans to fight back with a massive smartphone ad spend.


The move to create better aspects for all of its smartphone components is an important step for Samsung as it continues to experience more competition in the already crowded Google Android OS market. The company already offers its own UI on top of the traditional Google Android OS.

Another rumor suggests that Samsung is already working on a stronger build factor for its upcoming Galaxy Note III tablet device which will arrive in Fall 2013.

Samsung is rumored to have created a Galaxy S4 steel molded smartphone that was very popular internally. Samsung has not said why it did not choose that steel based design based on its popularity among Samsung workers.