‘Dark Souls II’ Box Art Is Revealed

Dark Souls II has apparently officially released its box art. Several of the top video game retailers in the country have changed up their displays so that the picture is now a figure that is dressed in full armor facing away from the camera.

Since announcing the second game in the series, there has been a steady trickle of information coming out about the game. There has been a 12 minute trailer floated online and there has been talk about how well the first game sold.

The publishers announced that the original version recently topped the 2.3 million copies sold mark in the last week. This second version of the game is said to have about the same kind of playable world that the first game had.

Dark Souls II is also apparently hanging on to the same kind of difficulty level that we saw in the first game. While some people have made comments about just how frustratingly tough it can be to get through the world, the game developers seem to sort of pride themselves on the difficulty level.

The new game will apparently try and be a little more straight forward. There are some people who have long said that the game just a little too confusing as to why you were going somewhere or why a certain villain suddenly popped up.

Namco Bandai says that they have tried to make the game make a little more sense this time. The game doesn’t have an official release date. At the moment there isn’t even a month that we can guess at for a release date.

That isn’t stopping the company from making sure that excitement builds about the new title. This particular art work seems to indeed be the official artwork because it has been seen on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game box.

Are you excited to see Dark Souls II when it finally comes out?