WWE News: AJ Styles Opens Up On The Possibility Of Joining ‘Friends’ In AEW

During his latest Twitch stream, as reported by Fightful, AJ Styles discussed the possibility of moving to All Elite Wrestling when his WWE run is over. Though the superstar said “never say never,” he revealed that his long-term goals are to stay in his current company for years to come.

Styles stated that he wants to become a scout for WWE after he hangs up his wrestling boots. He discussed his desire to explore the independent circuit for the best talent and help them reach the big time.

“I know we have scouts going to weightlifting contests and what not to get these big guys. I want to get guys and girls who have wanted to do this their whole life, give them some advice, check up on them from time to time, and help them get to the next level or the Performance Center. I think that’d be cool, to help somebody and see if they’re coachable.”

Styles went on to talk about AEW and why the move might not be right for him. While he stated that he has friends in the company who he loves, he also said that he feels comfortable in Vince McMahon’s promotion. Styles said that he likes knowing what to do and what’s required of him. Moving to another company, which has a different way of doing things, doesn’t appeal to him as much.

The wrestler also said that he doesn’t “need” to go anywhere else right now, suggesting that he’s content where he is at the moment. This might surprise some fans given the fact that he’s been bashing Paul Heyman lately. Styles was reportedly also upset over the releases of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who are two of his best friends outside of the ring. They just moved to Impact Wrestling after being linked with AEW for months.

The Fightful report also stated that Styles has been toying with the idea of retirement recently. The former World Champion — who is 43 — is currently in the twilight stages of his career. He has teased hanging up his boots after his contract expires, saying that he isn’t sure how much longer he’ll be able to perform at a high level.

Styles might not be destined for AEW in the near future, but there are some new performers who could be joining the promotion in the coming weeks. According to Cody Rhodes, fans can expect to see some free agents and indie stars appear. He even teased the arrival of a former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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