Kim French Sports Skintight Booty Shorts For ‘Core Blaster’ Workout

Fitness model Kim French took to Instagram on Thursday, July 23 to post a new workout video in which she trained her core muscles.

The fitness trainer wore a pair of lilac booty shorts that rose to her belly button and extended to the tops of her thighs, contouring to her pert backside and curvy hips. The shorts left the length of Kim’s toned legs on display. She paired the shorts with a white t-shirt made of a spandex material that hugged her upper body. The shirt ended at the top of her rib cage and left a strip of chiseled abdomen exposed. The outfit was from sportswear brand Women’s Best.

Kim completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and left her long blond waves loose down her shoulders and back.

The model completed a total of six exercises in an indoor space and used a small mat to cushion her body for the floor moves. She used a plate weight and a couple different resistance bands for equipment. The workout began with knee-to-elbow crunches. Lying on her side with one bent elbow supporting her weight, Kim brought a knee into her chest while meeting it in the middle with the corresponding elbow.

Kim followed the knee-to-elbow crunches with the plate twister. The trainer positioned herself on her knees and held a small plate weight in front of her chest, moving it from one side to the other while keeping her arms locked. The third exercise was the banded knee tuck. Kim placed a yellow resistance band around her feet with the other end secured outside the frame of the video and brought her knees in toward her chest then extended them back out.

The fourth move was the sumo oblique crunch. Kim lowered herself into a deep squat and held her arms above her head, twisting her torso from one side to the other. She followed up with banded bicycle crunches, carried out from the V-sit position. The final exercise was the knee tuck into V-up.

In the caption, Kim wrote the number of reps her followers should do for each move and added that she performed three rounds of the circuit for a total of 25 minutes of activity. She advised trainees not to rush through the reps, as it’s better to feel more doing less.

The ab workout earned several thousand likes and more than a couple hundred comments in just one day.

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