Britney Spears Fans Express Concern After She Explains Why ‘Frozen’ Is Her Favorite Disney Movie

Britney Spears answered a few questions from fans in her latest Instagram video. However, many of her followers expressed concern after hearing the inquiries that she chose to respond to. Specifically, her remarks about her favorite Disney movie really got her fans buzzing.

In the video, the 38-year-old pop star stood in front of a solid yellow backdrop. She wore a white crop top that featured a deep v-neck, a row of buttons down the front, and frilly drawstring sleeves. It looked like she also had on a green bikini top underneath the blouse. She coupled the summery shirt with a pair of low-rise shorts and she accessorized her outfit with a black choker. The “Toxic” singer wore her hair half-up and brushed back.

Britney gazed directly into the camera as she informed her viewers that she was going to answer “all” of the questions that she’s been asked in the comments section of her Instagram posts. The first concerned her favorite Disney movie. She said the 2013 animated film Frozen tops her list and explained why. She mentioned she likes the relationship between sisters Anna and Elsa and how the latter “goes off and lives in a castle just because she can’t deal anymore.”

Britney also shared that she’s a fan of the 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She revealed that roses are her favorite flower and responded to two car-related queries. She said she got her first vehicle when she was 17 years old and has only gotten one speeding ticket in her life.

In response to her video, a number of followers expressed confusion and dismay over what they were hearing. They also suggested the footage was evidence that Britney was being controlled or manipulated in some way, stating she doesn’t even see what people are really saying in response to her social media posts.

“I’ve never seen anyone ask these questions wtf. Guys she is NOT in control of her insta,” read one remark.

Other comments focused on Britney’s response to the Disney movie question.

“I feel like the way she spoke about Frozen was actually her speaking about how she’s trapped?” one admirer speculated.

Another fan pointed out that Princess Elsa is “locked away for years” and “controlled by her parents.” There were even suggestions that more than one of Britney’s answers was actually a secret plea for help.

“This is a coded message. Frozen in a castle – they have her locked away). Day off – she wants to escape. First car/speeding ticket – somebody come rescue me quickly,” one person theorized.

A large number of commenters also wrote that what they really want to know is whether Britney is okay. Queries about her well-being are common reactions to her social media uploads and the “FreeBritney” movement has continued to gain steam. Many fans are worried about how much control the singer’s conservatorship gives her father over her life and they’re convinced that it’s making her unhappy.

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