Hugo Weaving Stars As Agent Smith In New GE Ad [Video]

Hugo Weaving has reprised his role as Agent Smith in a new ad for the folks at General Electric.

Although the last installment of the Matrix trilogy hit theaters nearly 10 years ago, the Australian actor has absolutely no trouble finding his rhythm in the clip embedded below. In fact, it would appear as if he filmed the commercial during the height of the franchise’s popularity.

The ad showcases the technology GE is using to make hospitals better. Hugo Weaving, wearing his iconic Agent Smith suit and sunglasses, introduces the viewer to the many ways GE is improving the healthcare experience.

The commercial may not feature any death-defying stunts or showdowns with Keanu Reeves, but it is still interesting to see Weaving tackle a role he made famous almost a decade ago. The bit with the red and blue suckers is also a nice nod to the series.

While it’s a little odd that GE would want a villainous computer virus known for enslaving the entire human race to pimp their products, fans of the actor probably aren’t complaining too much right now. Given that another Matrix movie will probably never happen, seeing Agent Smith in any capacity is definitely a good thing.

The GE ad has been online since April 12. However, the commercial made its broadcast debut during the April 13 episode of Saturday Night Live. The clip was helmed by Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green.

General Electric explained that this is the first time the Wachowskis have licensed characters and plot details from The Matrix for advertising purposes. The company explained that the filmmakers were huge supporters of the campaign due to its sci-fi theme.

Hugo Weaving recently wrapped production on writer-director Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road. The movie tells the story of an indigenous detective who returns to the Outback in order to investigate the murder of a young girl.

What do you think about the GE ad featuring Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith?