Chrissy Teigen Lounges In Vintage Vehicle While Shooting A Music Video

Model and television personality Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram on Thursday, July 23, to share a photo of herself in the midst of filming a music video. The mother-of-two lounged in the passenger seat of a light green vintage convertible while posing for the stunning snapshot.

Teigen recently revealed that she will be starring in her husband John Legend’s upcoming music video. However, she has not yet revealed explicitly which of the songs from his album it was for. She did note that the crew that helped produce Legend’s popular All of Me video are also working on the new one. That came out seven years ago and also starred Teigen.

In her newest post, Teigen rocked a straw cowboy hat with beads around the bill. She wore her long light brown hair down in natural waves and smiled subtly while turning to look at the camera. The top was down on the convertible and Teigen rested one arm on the side door as she posed for the photo.

She did not disclose the location where the photo was snapped, but it appeared to be out in the wilderness, trees and lush greenery visible behind her. In her caption, she noted that it was the final day of shooting the clip. She included the word “wild” three times within the caption, which many fans took as a hint regarding the song it is for — one of the songs from Legend’s album is entitled “Wild.”

Teigen’s post quickly accumulated likes from her 30 million Instagram followers, surpassing 200,000 in only a few hours after it was posted. Her many followers took to the comments section to compliment her on the stunning shot as well as to express their excitement about the highly anticipated music video.

“You’re too pretty. Great pics girl” remarked one person.

“Wild is my absolute favorite song on album,” gushed one excited fan who seemingly hadn’t missed Teigen’s hint.

“You look so gorgeous as always Chrissy! I can’t wait to see more of that car!” wrote another fan.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Teigen largely receives positive comments online but has been dealing with her fair share of hate in recent weeks. Teigen and her husband have been swarmed with comments from online trolls, accusing them of having some association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. There is no known proof to suggest that Teigen or Legend had any connection with the late financier.