‘Shovel Knight’ Kickstarter Campaign Brings In Three Times The Goal

Shovel Knight‘s Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. The video game development campaign ended up a massive success as it brought in more than three times the stated monetary goal.

Yacht Club games had said that it wanted to bring at least $75,000 in order to develop, produce and market the game. When the fundraising campaign ended the company says that it ended up with more than $311,000 thanks to its backers.

Kickstarter was once a sort of quirky little site where people got money to build little objects and gadgets that they can’t get bigger companies to put together. These days it has become a platform for independent video game developers and movie makers to find funding they can’t get from deep pockets in Silicon Valley or Hollywood.

On occasion, even well established developers have turned to the website in order to get the money they needed for new titles.

Shovel Knight has reached all of its development goals which means that the game will be including all its bosses in battle mode, a unique gender swap mode, 4-player battles and other lesser features such as an actual box.

Yacht Club games says that it will now be putting up a developer’s blog that will keep people informed on the progress they are making with the game. The title is expected to be launched on PC, Linux, Mac, Wii U, and 3DS and there is a campaign to get it brought to Steam.

The developers said that they will be updating backers on their rewards system in the very near future. The developers put a message up on their Kickstarter account thanking their backers, who numbered more than 14,000 different people for allowing them to realize their dreams.

Were you an original backer of Shovel Knight and will you be playing this game once it gets released on multiple platforms?