Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, Reveals That ‘A Certain Little Boy’ Painted Nail Polish On Ivy Jane

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three little ones now, making things can be a bit hectic at home. Apparently one of their boys decided to use their baby sister, one-year-old Ivy Jane, as a model by giving her a little “face paint.” Unfortunately, he ended up using something else entirely, as their dad revealed on his Instagram account Wednesday.

The Counting On star shared two photos of his daughter with some bright red marks clearly showing. While Jessa’s husband didn’t confirm which boy he was referring to, his 852,000 followers seemed to know exactly who he did the naughty deed. Most fans were in agreement that the reality star’s second-born, three-year-old Henry, may have been the one who painted her left cheek with red nail polish. Even the kids’ grandparents, the Seewalds, took to the comment section to say that they are sure that it was their blond-haired grandson who did it.

The first Instagram snap showed Ivy Jane sitting on a sofa. The little girl had on a cute blue shirt with bunnies printed on it. She also wore a pair of matching blue baby leggings. A bright red stuffed animal that almost matched the nail polish sat in front of her.

Ivy Jane didn’t seem bothered at all by the marks, as she had an adorable little smile on her face. In the second picture, either Jessa or her husband snapped a closeup shot of the colorful design on her chubby cheek. It was smeared over most of her left side, with a dab of the polish on her chin as well.

It also appears that the family may not have been home at the time of the incident. Despite the background being blurry in the second snap, it looks like it could be Jim Bob and Michelle’s house due to the staircase behind the Duggar granddaughter. Jessa and her family live in a single-story house.

Brother-in-law Derick’s mother, Cathy Dillard, also commented after seeing the snapshot. She made a good point by telling Ben and Jessa that it was a good thing that the boy didn’t try to use it as an eye shadow instead of face paint.

Jessa and Ben are both active on social media and share plenty of photos and stories of their three kids. They recently revealed some tidbits on how Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane are doing these days in an interview with US Weekly. The couple revealed that their middle child’s speech delay has improved and he is talking more clearly now. Potty training is also on their agenda lately and the boys are making a bit of progress in that area as well.

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