Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Reportedly Believe That Their ‘Marriage Is Over’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly both feel that their “marriage is over” and have thought so before Kanye’s latest antics, according to a source who spoke exclusively with People magazine.

After a series of statements on Twitter and during a presidential campaign rally that shocked many, the rapper has been facing public backlash. While his wife issued a unifying statement urging compassion for what appeared to be a manic episode brought on by Kanye’s bipolar disorder, behind closed doors, things are reportedly rocky.

An insider said that the couple is ending their marriage and that a “divorce had been in the process for several weeks.”

Kanye wrote on Twitter earlier this week that he had been mulling the idea of leaving his wife. During his campaign rally, West mentioned that his wife might divorce him for what he was about to say. The rapper then went on to claim that he had wanted to abort his eldest daughter North, but Kim stood in the way.

West later deleted the tweets, but reports suggested that he has been hiding out in his Wyoming ranch away from his partner of six years because he doesn’t trust her.

A second person claimed that Kim and Kanye have been talking for weeks about the situation and both agree that their marriage is done and the conversation has been coming for a while.

The insider added that the two have even gone so far as to discuss co-parenting before the Yeezy mogul decided to go public with his shocking statements.

“They have work to do, as parents and as a spouses who want to end this phase of their relationship,” the insider said. “Kanye knows all of this, and everything that is happening right now is just like a horrible sideshow to what the real issues are.”

Reportedly, Kanye is aware of the problem and realizes that his public behavior and presidential run are drawing attention away from the real problems in his life. Kanye needs to have some “needs” addressed before they can continue the process of ending their union, the source added.

“Then they need to move forward in terms of structuring a split that can be amicable and healthy for both of them and most of all for their four children.”

The source explained that Kim’s four children are her top priority, and she will do whatever it takes to protect them and her image.

“They are done,” they said. “And it’s time for some real work to be done to get everyone healthy and moving forward with their lives.”

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