LeBron Fan Kiss Has Viewers Going “Awwww” [Video]

The adorable LeBron fan kiss caught on video after the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics 109-101 is just another reason why the fans love LeBron James. He isn’t just a great player. He seems to really interact with people.

In the video clip, he takes the time to give a wide-eyed little girl his headband and a kiss. She’ll be telling that story for the rest of her life.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the scene in a February home game against the Los Angeles clippers. The ball went into the sidelines, and a fan lobbed it back to James. The playful LeBron James then used an “NBA-level chest pass” to zip it right back, and there was a confused moment of playing catch before the fan returned the ball for the final time.

“This is the most exciting thing I ever lived in my life,” the effusive fan told an ESPN reporter — even though he didn’t get to keep the ball.

After missing three games due to a strained hamstring, LeBron James returned to play on April 6 in the 106-87 game against the Philadelphia 76ers. He scored 27 points and helped set a franchise record of 60 victories.

In the Friday night victory against the Celtics, the so-called Miami Heat “big three” of Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade played together for the first time since March 29. It was an exciting game, as Corey Mann previously reported, with the 41-point second quarter becoming their highest scoring quarter this year.

But life isn’t all basketball all the time for LeBron James.

According to the National Weather Service, LeBron James is also a concerned citizen who doesn’t sit back and let somebody else call in a street flooding report. He wanted to make sure that the public was aware of Miami street flooding he observed during Saturday’s stormy weather.

Awwww. Isn’t the LeBron fan kiss just too cute?

[LeBron James photo by Domenic Gareri / Shutterstock.com]