Brooke Hogan Gets in Car Accident, Makes a Mess of Things

Brooke Hogan’s pr rep probably had to move swiftly to yank her statement off the internet that referenced her car accident on Sunday, because, um… it’s just plain embarrassing? Another way to describe it would be totally insensitive. It turns out that the accident wasn’t her fault, but Brooke felt the need to publicly thank her jailed brother and his passenger (who suffered brain damage) because she claims that what happened to them saved her life:

Seatbelts saved MY life today…

What happened to my brother and our friend John was horrible and very hard for both of our families. But I truly believe my brother and John saved My life and my best friends life…. I don’t know if you heard, but my friend and I got into a really bad car accident today ourselves… As I turned on my car I clicked my seatbelt. As we pulled out onto the road, I looked over and realized my friend didn’t have her seatbelt on. I reminded her to put it on and the minute she clicked it, a car crashed into us. It was a horrible car accident, one that most would be severely hurt in, but we had our seatbelts on and they kept us in tight. I have to thank my brother and my best friend John for teaching me an important lesson that saved our lives. […]

God Bless

Wow, that makes me feel really uncomfortable. There’s more, too. This isn’t the first time that Brooke has released a crazy rant on her MySpace and pulled it soon after. Good learning curve, hmmm?