Polk County Police Arrest 3 People In Connection To The Murders Of 3 Friends Who Were ‘Beaten And Shot’

Authorities in Polk County, Florida have arrested two men and one woman in connection with the murders of three friends on a fishing trip, WPLG-TV reported.

Last weekend, friends Brandon Rollins, Damion Tillman and Keven Springfield were murdered, having been beaten to death and shot after they went to a rural lake south of Orlando for some night fishing, USA Today reported previously.

Rollins was able to call his dad and convey a simple message.

“Help,” he managed.

At the time, there were no suspects.

“They were killed right here in the road. I just wish I knew something about who did this. I wish I knew why,” a friend of the men said.

On Wednesday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the arrests of three individuals in connection with the case — brothers William “Robert” Wiggins, 21 and Tony “TJ” Wiggins, 26, and TJ’s girlfriend Mary Whittemore, 27.

According to Judd, Rollins had been inside a Dollar General store where he was spotted by TJ.

outdoor signage of a dollar general location

Security camera footage from the store, which can be seen here, appears to show Tillman and TJ interacting with each other inside the building.

The three then allegedly followed Rollins out of the store and followed the victims to their destination.

There, according to William, TJ got out of the vehicle and confronted Springfield, punching him and yelling at him, and accusing Springfield of stealing his truck. Springfield’s companions got out of their truck, while TJ reportedly continued screaming at all three of them.

William said he and Whittemore watched as TJ shot and killed the three victims. The suspects then allegedly drove to a nearby McDonald’s to purchase sandwiches and then went back home to eat.

Detectives found a Dollar General bag and receipt from the night of the murders and then eventually connected the evidence to the suspects, according to WKMG-TV.

Meanwhile, the other two suspects are reportedly not cooperating with police.

Judd noted that TJ had a lengthy criminal record going back to when he was 12 years old.

“This is evil in the flesh. This is a guy who can hurt you just because it’s the right thing for him to do at that moment in time with his three brain cells,” he said.

He promised to appeal to the state’s attorney to have Wiggins executed.

Further, Judd also said that the families of the three victims are in poverty and he’s asking for donations to help pay for their funerals.