Millie Bobby Brown Rocks Double Denim Outfit On Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown wowed her 34.2 million Instagram followers with a stylish double denim outfit. The teen flaunted her all-blue outfit, with a pop of color on her deep red, pointed glasses and a fluffy shoulder bag. She added a casual navy vest underneath her denim jacket, which is the same shade as her high-waisted jeans.

Millie completed her look with a deep blue hat and minimal jewelry. Her shoulder-length brown hair was styled straight underneath the cute cap. She wore a short gold chain, and two rings on her right hand. The look was simple, but the bold statement combo spoke for itself without the need for her to add color or many accessories, save for the small bag hanging casually on her forearm.

She posed in front of a black railing with her right hand on her hip, and the other rested slightly out of frame. Lush green trees took up most of the background, with a red brick wall sitting on the right side of the picture. Cute string fairy lights were wrapped around the trees. In the right corner, the edge of a swimming pool was visible.

Millie added some star effects to the double denim snap for an extra wow factor. She edited a star onto her nose and scattered the rest around her outfit and in the background of the image. The image was grainy, enhancing the vintage vibes of the look, which frequently goes in and out of fashion. Millie appears to like using stars and grainy filters on Instagram, as she used similar effects on her previous selfie from two days ago.

In the caption, Millie gave a shoutout to her friend, Ava, for taking the picture.

Fans of the British actress, who is best known for her role as Eleven on Stranger Things, were quick to shower her with praise and compliment her on her ensemble. Millie quickly amassed over 1 million double-taps on the image and also got more than 2o,000 comments.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Millie Bobby Brown looking AMAZING once again!!” one fan gushed in the comments section.

“You look wonderful today,” a second person told the Stranger Things star.

“Blue is your color,” someone else noted, including a blue heart emoji.

“Gorgeous,” a final fan simply stated.

In March, fans of Stranger Things were excited to see the cast reunite for a Season 4 table read, as reported by The Inquisitr.

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