Keanu Reeves ‘Stuffed Pandas’ Picture Posted To Facebook By Jackie Chan

Keanu Reeves and a pair of stuffed pandas appear in two odd new photos posted to Facebook by Jackie Chan.

The bizarre snaps, which Chan captioned, “Keanu and I both love pandas!”, was posted to Facebook on Saturday. One picture shows Reeves posing with the stuffed toys, while Chan joins Keanu and the pandas for a second shot. We think that’s a smile. Good effort, Keanu.

Though Jackie posted these over the weekend, these pictures actually date from 2011, when the pair visited China.

Keanu Reeves’ stuffed pandas are not actually his, either. The two toys belong to Jackie, and are called Chan La and Chan Zy. The two pandas travel around the world with the 59-year-old actor, and are regularly photographed with their loyal owner. There’s even this blog.

A 2010 blog post on Chan’s official website handily fills in the story of Chan La and Chan Zy:

“Several months ago, Jackie purchased two stuffed panda bears with the intention of taking them around the world with him, then auctioning them off for charity in the future. The pandas, named Chan La and Chan Zy, are photographed wherever they go. The media has picked up on the travels of Jackie’s pandas and they’ve become a sensation!”

Here’s another shot of Jackie with his pandas, this time in London:

Keanu Reeves 'Stuffed Pandas' Picture Posted To Facebook By Jackie Chan And His Bears 1

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