Kanye West Reportedly Revealed He Wanted To Abort Daughter North To Get Attention For His Campaign

Kanye West raised eyebrows over the weekend when he went on a tear-filled rant about how he initially wanted to abort his first child with wife Kim Kardashian. Now, an insider told The Sun that the only reason he brought the situation up was to get attention for his campaign.

The 43-year-old rapper announced on the Fourth of July that he was running for president in 2020 under the Birthday Party — so named because it would be like everyone’s birthday if he wins.

He held his first campaign rally in South Carolina over the weekend, where he upset fans by attacking icon Harriet Tubman and proclaimed that he wanted to have North — his first child — aborted, as well as that his father wanted to have him aborted.

Since then, reports have emerged that the Kardashian family is worried about Kanye’s mental health. The rapper has admitted in the past that he struggles with bipolar disorder and some people suggest that he may be having a manic episode.

In addition to her concern about his health, Kim is reportedly upset that Kanye decided to talk about their past.

“She lost her s**t when she heard him discuss their decision to not get an abortion with North,” a source revealed.

Perhaps in an attempt to mollify his apparently upset wife, the rapper said that he had only broached the topic to gain attention for his presidential bid.

“Kanye told her, as well as Kris, that the only reason he said that was because he knew that he needed something big to get the attention on his campaign,” the insider said.

He reportedly added that Kim should “know the game by now.”

But that didn’t stop the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star from feeling embarrassed, particularly since she has “built up the image of being so devoted to her children.”

Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing that concerned Kim and her sisters. The family is also worried that Kanye may have exposed himself to the coronavirus while at the rally, where he appeared in close proximity to the audience without wearing a mask.

The insider said that Kim wants Kanye to remove himself from the 2020 race or she may consider leaving him.

The Kardashian momager Kris reportedly told Kanye that he’d need to spend two weeks away from the family as a result of being exposed.

“Kris told Kanye that he must quarantine for two weeks now before he can see her or the kids,” the source said.

Reportedly, Kanye is currently at his Wyoming ranch “holing up” away from the rest of the Kardashian clan.

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