Robert Downey Jr. And Tom Holland Surprise Bridger Walker, Hero Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack

Quite possibly the biggest “good news” story on the internet this week was that of Bridger Walker, the six-year-old hero who saved his sister from a vicious dog attack. Unfortunately, he sustained serious injuries in saving his sibling, racking up 90 stitches, and requiring plastic surgery on his head and face. Bridger, and avid Avengers fan, began receiving an outpouring of love from some of his favorite superheroes. According to CinemaBlend, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland have jumped in to show support for the young fellow, following co-stars Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth.

Evans was one of the first actors to reach out to the little boy and gave him an uplifting speech thanking him for being such a hero to his sister.

“What you did was so brave, so selfless — your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you,” the Captain America actor said. “Keep being the man you are, we need people like you.”

Evans also promised Bridger a real Captain America shield, and Downey tried to upstage his Civil War co-star in a video message promising something better.

“Bridger, you’re a rock star. My name is Robert Downey Jr. I play Tony and that makes me an old friend of Cap’s. I heard he sent a shield your way. I’m gonna do one better — you call me on your next birthday, I got something special for you. Late. By the way, that’s a promise – a promise beats a shield.”

Robert Downey Jr attends the Avengers: Endgame premiere in South Korea

What Downey has in store for Bridger remains to be seen, but the young man can expect something spectacular from Iron Man himself.

Holland reached out in a different way and actually got to talk to Bridger on the phone. It was revealed that Spider-Man was the little guy’s favorite superhero, which made the phone call all the more special. Wearing a Spider-Man hoodie while playing the Homecoming film in the background, Bridger got to talk to Holland for a few minutes and seemed a bit shy, requiring his mother and father to talk for a good bit of their call.

He revealed to the actor that the web-slinger was his favorite superhero, and Holland surprised him by inviting him to come to the Spider-Man 3 premiere which is expected to take place on November 5, 2021. The movie had been pushed back several months after Marvel Studios was forced to rearrange their schedule due to the ongoing pandemic.

Other heroes who have reached out to Bridger have included Shazam!‘s Zachary Levi and X-Men’s Hugh Jackman. Avengers: Endgame directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo also spread along kind words.