Latoya Jackson To Look For Love On OWN Reality TV Show

Latoya Jackson has been single for a long time, but is apparently ready to re-enter the dating world, and put the whole thing on TV.

Latoya will attempt to find a new beau on the new reality TV show Life With Latoya, which will debut on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network on Saturday.

The singer and reality TV star has been single ever since her divorce from manager Jack Gordon in 1997. At 56-years-old, she will look for love once more, or maybe even the first time. She recently confessed that she has never really fallen in love with anyone.

She says:

“I’m content with my life, I’m content with who I am but everybody keeps telling me that this is an experience you don’t wanna miss out on… Why not look and see. You never know what you want until it’s there.

“(Dating) is a new experience… When you leave a relationship and it’s abusive, you don’t wanna see a guy or anything of that nature… I had no interest… There was a part of me that so afraid to do this (date) and there’s that other part that says, ‘I wonder what it’s like’.”

On the show, Latoya confesses that her marriage to Gordon was never actually consummated, and even hints that she’s still a virgin. During an appearance on Katie Friday, she dodged the sex question, telling host Katie Couric “You’re making me shy.”

In addition to looking for love, Latoya also said that she’s thinking about adopting.

“I’m thinking about it very seriously. It’s another thing that I always wanted to do and then my path took me to a different direction.

“But, at my age, I love kids, I think they’re wonderful… but they have a lot of energy. I wanna little one (with) a lot of energy.”

You can check out a preview of Latoya Jackson’s new show below:

[Image via: Greg Hernandez, Wikimedia Commons]