August Alsina Releases New Song, ‘Entanglements,’ Amid Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy

August Alsina found a way to capitalize off his recent scandal involving Jada Pinkett Smith with his new track, “Entanglements.”

One week after Pinkett Smith confirmed that she and Alsina were in a relationship over four years ago, the crooner posted his music via Instagram. In the post, which you can see here, Rick Ross, who is featured on the single, spoke about how talented Alsina is.

After the clip ended, the cover for the tune was released, which showed red silk sheets with the word “entanglement” formed at the center. He then previewed the chorus from the song for his millions of followers to hear.

“The definition of entanglement / It’s?when?you’re tangled in?the sheets / Girl I know?that we don’t call it a relationship / But you’re still f—in’ with me,” the lyrics read, per Variety.

As the song continues, Alsina hints that he and the person he’s singing about were sneaking around. By referencing an unnamed man, he said he had to “pull up when he dip,” and said the man always suspected something was going on between him and the woman in the song. The lyrics are possibly about Will Smith, who admitted that he knew about the romance between the singer and his wife.

Alsina has received more than 600,000 views of the clip. Over 10,000 users also commented and encouraged him for using his recent notoriety to elevate his career.

“THAT’S RIGHT!!! Don’t let anybody mock you! You have been humble enough,” one fan wrote.

“WAY TO TURN THE SITUATION INTO A POSITIVE! Kids pay attention,” another chimed in.

“When life gives you lemons… make lemonade…” a third user wrote.

Pinkett Smith used the word “entanglement” to describe her romance with the 27-year-old on her Facebook show, Red Table Talk. The term caused a stir on social media and trended on Twitter for several days.

In the 12-minute discussion on Red Table Talk, the Smiths admitted the relationship occurred when they were in a bad place within their marriage. She and Alsina were close friends at the time, and the Smith family had rallied behind the singer while he was dealing with ongoing health issues.

They couple decided to speak about the situation after Alsina told Angela Yee that not only did Will know they were dating, he gave him his “blessing.” On the show, the actress clarified that he possibly thought her husband gave him his approval because they were “separated amicably” at the time.

The new tune comes after Alsina spoke more in-depth about how the situation with the Girls Trip star changed him both for the better and worse. While he says he has nothing but positive feelings toward the family, he suffered financially as a result of being with her.

One of the things Alsina missed out on was important brand sponsorships because it was rumored that he was a home wrecker, which Pinkett Smith has since denied.

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