WWE News: Chris Jericho Lashes Out At Vince McMahon For Firing His Friend

Chris Jericho took to Twitter over the weekend and criticized Vince McMahon for firing his former tag team partner, Lance Storm, in April. The veteran performer was responding to a tweet posted by Storm, in which he revealed that he’s currently unemployed for the first time in 26 years. This didn’t sit too well with Jericho, who directly called out the WWE chairman.

Jericho noted how his former partner’s contributions to the business are impressive and suggested that the company is foolish for letting him go. Jericho goes way back with the retired wrestler, and he isn’t afraid to take shots at the world’s most influential sports entertainment conglomerate for the decision to part ways with him.

“In this biz? That’s a hell of a run! Now @WWE and @VinceMcMahon need to pull their heads out of their collective a**es and re-hire you!”

Storm, who was a backstage producer prior to being let go, was one of multiple employees to be released as part of the company’s cost-cutting measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to re-joining the promotion in the behind-the-scenes role, he closed down his training school, which produced several successful in-ring performers throughout the years.

Some employees were furloughed as part of the cutbacks, and it was unclear where Storm stood until his confirmation tweet. However, Jericho and McMahon have a long-standing relationship with each other, so perhaps his sway with the chairman will inspire the decision to be reversed.

A substantial portion of Jericho’s followers agreed with the sentiment as well, with many noting how Storm’s experience and reputation would be valuable to the promotion. Others criticized McMahon for firing employees during a pandemic, given that there is so much economic uncertainty right now.

However, other social media users urged Jericho to stop telling McMahon what to do, while others suggested that he try and get Storm a job in AEW. He does have some pull there, as he was behind the hiring of other talents who parted ways with his old boss.

Jericho rejected a WWE contract to join AEW in 2019, so his influence with his previous promotion isn’t as strong as it used to be. There also appears to be some bad blood brewing both parties.

Sportskeeda highlighted how Jericho has been taking shots at his former employer recently, stemming from AEW’s ratings victories over NXT in important demographics. This latest development is yet another example of him being critical of the opposition.