Fired 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Peter Hunziker Explains His Actions On The Show

Kristen Markel

Former Below Deck Mediterranean star Peter Hunziker spoke out about his time on the show and what he has learned from the experience. In an interview with Bravo Confessionals on YouTube, the former reality star explained his actions and admitted he was "learning a lot."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Peter was fired in June by Bravo for offensive tweets, and the network announced that his role would be minimized for the remainder of the season. The deckhand has been watching the show and did not notice any of his scenes being diminished. Peter admitted that it might be difficult to remove him from the show since he was involved in a lot of the drama.

As for the experiences with his boss, Malia White, the deckhand believed that he was "misunderstood." Captain Sandy Yawn reprimanded the deckhand for calling the female bosun by nicknames such as "sweetheart" and "sweetie." Peter declared that he did not mean anything by his actions.

"I wasn't doing it to disrespect her," he insisted.

The yachtie went on to explain that he was from a small country town in Virginia and that using those terms was simply part of his way of life.

"I didn't realize it was so offensive."

As for his initial interactions with stewardess Christine "Bugsy" Drake, the reality star insisted that he "was just being silly" when he appeared to stare at her intensely upon arrival. Bugsy felt so uncomfortable with the interactions with Peter that she later went to the captain to discuss her concerns.

The reality star believed that the show did not truly represent who he was as a person; instead, Peter acknowledged that he created a character based on what he thought producers wanted. While production told the crew to be themselves, the deckhand took that notion to an extreme as he created a heightened version of himself.

"I definitely came in wide-open full throttle," he said. Peter has admitted to learning a great deal from the experience and will take these lessons with him.

"I normally have no filter but I have learned that it is not good to not have a filter," he said.