’90 Day Fiancé’: Syngin Colchester And Tania Maduro Share Their Experience With Marriage Counseling

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro from TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? are opening up about how marriage counseling has helped their relationship, according to a report from Fox News.

The duo met while Tania was visiting South Africa and the attraction was undeniable. Tania ended up spending almost six months living with Syngin before returning to the United States with plans of applying for the K-1 visa. When Syngin arrived, the couple’s whirlwind romance was quickly brought back to reality when they realized they may not be as compatible as they initially thought. Tania became annoyed at her husband’s lack of ambition and Syngin felt offended that she didn’t consider him her soulmate.

On this season of Happily Ever After?, the lovebirds are trying to navigate their differences while holding on to the things that matter the most, like each other. While chatting with Fox News, Tania said seeking help from an outside party was an excellent way to get a bit of direction.

“We started marriage counseling to kind of just help us,” she said. “You know, we got together on such a whim and were definitely in vacation mode when we first got together. And we know that there’s so much love there. If love was the only thing to make a relationship [work], we would [not] need other help.”

“We started marriage counseling to help us make sure that we’re going on the right path and make sure we’re communicating well with each other and making sure our goals — not even just our end goals — like how we got there [is in sync].”

The duo is currently quarantining in Connecticut, where they often end up rewatching some of their old episodes together. Tania said this isn’t always the best idea as revisiting those moments often triggers old arguments that they’ve already worked through. As for Syngin, he said he doesn’t like seeing himself arguing on television and that it embarrasses him to see those heated moments.

However, Syngin and Tania aren’t the only couple constantly fighting on this season of Happily Ever After? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Angela Deem ended up calling off her wedding to Michael Ilesanmi on a recent episode of the show.

The couple had arranged a meeting with a group of Michael’s expatriated friends, but when they arrived, Angela had a meltdown after realizing all his friends were women. On their way back to the car, she yelled at him, demanding to be taken back to their apartment. She also said there wouldn’t be a wedding and told Michael to not speak to her for the rest of the day.

As fans of the 90 Day franchise know, these shows are typically filled with drama as the couples try to move through the highs and lows of their relationships.

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